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It looks like you’re trying to create a new document with an expired license (whoops)! We’d love to help get you back to creating documents, but you’ll need to renew your license first.

The three main reasons for this are:

  1. Legalities. In order to remain legally sound and UETA/ESIGN compliant, we have to maintain strict adherence to the constantly-changing electronic document signing space. This requires us to adapt the plugin to new laws and regulations as they are created, which means regular updating of your plugin is crucial.
  2. Security. Similar to legalities, the security protocols in today’s tech world are hard to keep up with! Things that were once secure are now being replaced with new technology, so using a plugin that is out of date may mean the security measures that were once top tier may now be outdated. We work hard to implement the highest security measures at all times for you and your clients to be confident in your document signing platform.
  3. Support. Support is essential when working with a WordPress plugin because there are so many variables living in the same environment, being forced to work together. Our team is here and super happy to help, but support is only available to active license holders. By renewing your license, you are allowing us to work with you to make sure things are looking good on your site.

We want to make sure we provide a legally binding, UETA/ESIGN compliant, secure way for you to get your documents signed online, and having an active license plays a HUGE part in this.

Renewing your license will only take a few minutes (open a chat and we'd be happy to help), and then you can get back to collecting all of those beautiful autographs on your documents!

The ApproveMe Team

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