Installing WP E-Signature

First Steps… Getting Started Video

How to Install/Enable Add-Ons

Installing WP E-Signature is just like installing any other WordPress plugin. Follow these steps to get your plugins installed and your workflow going!

  1. Sign into your ApproveMe profile page:
  2. Download the zip files for WP E-Signature and WP E-Signature Business add-ons.
  3. Navigate to your WordPress backend > left sidebar > plugins tab.
  4. Select add new > upload > select the plugin .zip file E-Signature.
  5. Once installed, click activate.
  6. Repeat the steps above for E-Signature Business add-ons.
  7. WP E-Signature is now activated and ready to be configured. Yay!

Upon activating E-Signature, an installation check with automatically run to check that your site meets our server requirements.

A new “E-Signature” submenu will also be added to the main Dashboard menu.

Hover over this E-signature menu and click on ‘settings’ to configure your Admin document signing settings:

Fill in all of the admin settings for your user, including adding your signature to the signature pad by clicking “Sign Here” and drawing or typing in your signature.

The signature created here will be used on documents if you have the Auto-Add My Signature add-on enabled.

Lastly, save your settings and get your workflow started!

User Roles Note: Only the admin user that installed E-Signature will have access to the main E-Signature backend and settings (for security reasons).

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