Access Denied Message

If you are seeing the Access Denied Message (below), you are attempting to access the main WP E-Signature Plugin settings page using credentials that did not originally save the WP E-Signature settings.

We added this function for security reasons, as it would be a major security flaw to allow multiple super admin users who have the ability to adjust the admin settings. It would create a lot of questions like “who sent the signature request out?”, “who signed the document using the Auto-Add My Signature add-on?”, “who changed the email settings?” etc…

Access Denied

If you are seeing this message, it is because the E-Signature plugin on your site doesn’t have the multiple users add-on enabled. Don’t worry, though! You can ask your super admin to enable our Unlimited Sender Roles add-on! This will allow multiple users to view and send documents from your site with the E-Signature plugin.

Your super admin can enable this add-on by visiting E-Signature > add-ons > Unlimited Sender Roles > enable!

After this plugin is enabled, your super admin needs to also visit E-Signature > settings > roles tab to define the WP roles and/or users that they want to give E-Signature access to.

Additional Unlimited Sender Roles documentation

View Unlimited Sender Roles Add-on