Access Denied Message

If you are seeing the Access Denied Message (below), you are attempting to access the main WP E-Signature Plugin settings page using credentials that did not originally save the WP E-Signature settings.

We added this function for security reasons, as it would be a major security flaw to allow multiple super admin users who have the ability to adjust the admin settings. It would create a lot of questions like “who sent the signature request out?”, “who signed the document using the Auto-Add My Signature add-on?”, “who changed the email settings?” etc…

So, who is the super admin user?↑ Back to Top

If you want to which user currently has super admin permissions on your site, visit E-Signature —> settings —> super admin.

It will look like this to a regular user:

It will look like this to the current super admin:

You’ll notice that the super admin’s display is a drop-down. This is because they can hand off super admin permissions to another user at any time.

Keep in mind that the user with super admin permissions is the only user that can view/send ALL documents created by ALL users. The super admin is also the only user that has access to the main E-Signature settings.

Regular users have access to view/send documents that they themselves have created and have access to their own personal E-Signature user settings.

The following matrix visualizes the Super Admin Role


Access Denied

If you are seeing this message, it is because the E-Signature plugin on your site doesn’t have the multiple users add-on enabled. Don’t worry, though! You can ask your super admin to enable our Unlimited Sender Roles add-on! This will allow multiple users to view and send documents from your site with the E-Signature plugin.

Your super admin can enable this add-on by visiting E-Signature —> add-ons —> Unlimited Sender Roles —> enable!

After this plugin is enabled, your super admin needs to also visit E-Signature —> settings —> roles tab to define the WP roles and/or users that they want to give E-Signature access to.

Additional Unlimited Sender Roles documentation

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