How to Receive E-Signature Confirmation Emails

When an E-Signature document is signed, a confirmation email is automatically sent to the signer to give them access to their signed PDF.

To receive a confirmation email as the document owner, visit E-Signature > My Documents > Stand Alone Document folder > find your document > Edit.

Then scroll to the Document Options > select “Notify me when a signature is added” > Publish.

For Basic Documents, enable this setting before sending out your signing invitation.

If you aren’t sure which E-Signature user owns a particular stand alone document, visit E-Signature > My Documents > Stand Alone Document folder > and see who’s listed in Created By column for that document.

As long as the setting is enabled, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address the document owner has in their E-Signature settings (not their WordPress settings).

It’s good to note that confirmation emails have nothing to do with the E-Signature super admin specifically, so even though the super admin can access the document and see signed copies, only the document owner can receive confirmation emails.

If you’d like to send an automatic confirmation email to someone who is not the document owner, follow these steps to CC them on the document.