Why are invitation emails not being sent?

Are your WP E-Signature invitation emails not sending? No worries! You can easily resolve this issue by checking on some settings.

First, let’s make sure that your website can send email messages. To do this, I would recommend contacting your web host to monitor and configure the mail settings on your server.

If your website is sending emails but your E-Signature emails still aren’t sending, let’s try one of the following options.

Option 1: Use an SMTP plugin like WP Mail SMTP

Install and configure an SMTP plugin. We love and highly recommend the plugin WP Mail SMTP

Simply download the plugin, upload it on your WP site and configure the settings in WP Mail SMTP. WP E-Signature will automatically send your invitations through this plugin once you save your settings. No need to configure any E-Signature settings with this option!

Option 2: Use SendGrid to send your emails

Install and setup a FREE, reliable email delivery plugin called Send Grid (which we personally use and love). You can easily sign up for a FREE account here by clicking “Try it Free”.


Option 3: Use the E-Signature SMTP settings with a personal email account

We have integrated an SMTP feature into the plugin which can be found by navigating to E-Signature > emails > email sending options. Here, you can configure the E-Signature SMTP Settings with a personal email account. After you configure these settings, save and try to resend your email.

WordPress WP_Mail Tip: WordPress has a built in wp_mail function which sends emails from your website on your behalf. The default sender name is the WP E-Signature admin’s “FIRST + LAST NAME” and the default sender email address is the WP E-Signature admin’s email address.

Still having email sending problems? Submit a support ticket here!