Email Sending Issues

If E-Signature emails are not being sent, the first thing you'll want to do is check to see if emails are sending from your site in general (from other plugins besides WP E-Signature).

To do this, you can install a Mail Logging plugin and send some test emails from various plugins on your site.

If your website is sending emails but E-Signature emails still aren’t sending, let’s try one of the following options.

1. Use an SMTP plugin (like WP Mail SMTP)

Install and configure an SMTP plugin. We love and highly recommend the plugin WP Mail SMTP! 👏

Download the plugin, upload it on your WP site, and configure the settings in the SMTP plugin as usual and WP E-Signature will automatically send emails through this plugin after saving your settings. No need to configure any extra E-Signature settings with this option.

2. Try your default mailer

This is the standard WordPress system. It doesn't require any extra settings or plugins, so all other email-related options should be disabled to try sending emails from your default mailer.

3. Try the WP E-Signature SMTP settings

These settings can be found by visiting E-Signature > Emails > Email Sending Options. These were once the most recommended settings, but are now outdated (and out-performed by SMTP plugins). These settings can still be utilized but should be used at your own risk since they are deprecated.