How to Assign an Approval Signer (to a Stand Alone Document)

With the Approval Signer feature enabled, once your Stand Alone Document has been signed, a new signer invitation email will be sent to your pre-defined Approval Signer. Once your Approval Signer reviews and signs the document, the document is closed, and a confirmation email is sent to all signers with access to the signed PDF.

To add an Approval Signer to your stand alone document, follow these steps.

1. Visit E-Signature > Settings > Add-ons and make sure you have the Assign Signer Order and Stand Alone Document add-ons enabled.

2. Edit your stand alone document > scroll down to the Document Options > Advanced Options.

3. Check "Assign an approval signer..." > + Add Signer > type in the name and email of your Approval Signer > Save > Publish.

Now every time your stand alone document is signed, your Approval Signer will receive an email invitation to counter-sign, and then the confirmation email will be sent to all parties. 

If you would like to automatically add the signature of the document owner to your stand alone document, check out Auto Add My Signature.

If you are looking for variable signers that change every time your document is signed, try our basic document instead.

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