Auto Add My Signature Add-On

Say goodbye to the days of having to email yourself a document and manually sign it!

WP E-Signature’s Auto Add My Signature add-on allows you (the document owner) to easily add your saved signature to any document with a simple tick of a button! 🙂

This add-on is particularly helpful to use on your public facing stand alone documents that require your signature, but you don’t have time to endorse manually.

1. Enable the Auto Add My Signature add-on

Visit E-Signature > add-ons > find the Auto Add My Signature add-on > enable.

2. Check your details and draw your signature

Visit E-Signature > settings > verify the details you have saved as the Admin First and Last Name.

Then, click the signature field to draw or type your signature.

This is what a drawn signature looks like:

This is what a typed signature looks like:

Save your desired signature, keeping in mind that this what will be automatically added to your documents. 🙂

3. Enable this setting on your document

When creating a new document or editing an existing one, scroll down to the document options > check the option to “Automatically add my (Haley Rodriguez) signature to this document”.

You’ll then be prompted to sign the document by clicking the “Agree and Sign” button.

And VOILA! That’s how easy it is to automatically add your signature to a document with WP E-Signature!

Still have questions? You can submit a support ticket here!