How to Insert WooCommerce Data into a Contract Workflow

Our WooCommerce custom fields add-on allows you to show product, billing and payment details on your generated documents, automatically after checkout. You can use this capability in your stand alone document and trigger this document as a Product agreement or a Global agreement. Follow these steps to set up your E-Signature + WooCommerce workflow!

Step 1. Activate required plugins

Visit your plugins tab and activate WooCommerce and WP E-Signature – WooCommerce.

Step 2. Insert desired fields

Next, let’s insert your WooCommerce shortcodes in your stand alone document. These fields will automatically populate with the correct information when the document triggers, after the purchase has processed.

To add these fields, open your stand alone document in editing mode and select the signer input field icon at the top right of the toolbar (pencil icon), and then select Insert Woo Details.

Your shortcodes will look like this in your document when you view it in editing mode:

But don’t worry, the shortcodes will automatically populate with the Woo checkout information when your signer gets to the document. 🙂

Step 3. Choose a Global or Product agreement to trigger this document

Your WooCommerce document will be triggered after your customer’s purchase is completed. In this step, you’ll need to decide which document triggering option you want to go with.

If you set your document as a Product agreement, you will assign it to a specific WooCommerce product so that any time that product is purchased, the customer will be required to sign this document.

To set up a Product agreement, visit your WooCommerce backend —> find your product —> edit —> look for the E-Signature option on the bottom right —> choose “Redirect to E-Sign After Checkout” —> choose your document —> save.

If you set your document as a Global agreement, the same document will trigger once per checkout, no matter what products are purchased.

To set up a Global Agreement, visit WooCommerce —> settings —> checkout —> E-Signature options at the bottom of the page —> choose “Redirect to E-Sign After Checkout” —> choose your document —> save.

Note: Our WooCommerce + E-Signature add-on gives you the option “Redirect to E-Sign After Checkout” or “Redirect to E-Sign Before Checkout”. In order to use the shortcodes to automatically populate data from checkout into your document, you must choose “Redirect to E-Sign After Checkout” logic.

Step 4. Save your settings and test

Once you have successfully completed these steps, visit your store and test away! Your document should trigger after purchase and contain your customer specific data.

Click here to download the WooCommerce + WP E-Signature Add-On