How to Insert WooCommerce Data into a Contract Workflow

When using a workflow with WP E-Signature + WooCommerce, you can display product, billing, and payment details on your generated documents automatically after checkout. 

You will only be able to use this capability in your Product or Global agreement if you are using redirect to sign after checkout logic.

Before you begin, create your document and configure your WP E-Signature+ WooCommerce workflow settings. If you need help completing these steps, check out this great article.

1. To add WooCommerce shortcodes, open your stand alone document in editing mode.

2. Select the pencil icon at the top right of the toolbar > select Insert Woo Details.

3. Add the shortcodes with the details you would like to populate in your document content.

Your shortcodes will not render in your document when you view it in editing mode, but they will automatically populate with the WooCommerce checkout information when your signer gets to the document during checkout.

4. Publish your document and test out your shortcodes by completing the checkout process, just as a signer would.