How to Set Up Caldera Forms and WPESignature

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Automatically collect digital signatures on contracts after a Caldera Form submission, using ApproveMe’s WPESignature. Collect UETA/ESIGN Compliant legally binding contracts with WordPress. 

A WPESignature Pro or Ultimate license is required in order to integrate with Caldera Forms and collect a legally binding signature.

1. Download and install the required

Congrats on installing our Digital Signature Caldera Forms Add-on! You’re almost ready! ApproveMe’s WPESignature requires a few more plugins/add-ons so you can unlock the power and automate Caldera Forms workflows, with legally binding Digital Signatures. You’ll need to download the following:

1. Caldera Forms
2. WPESignature + Business Pack (Professional license or higher)
3. Caldera Forms eSignature integration Visit eSignature > Add-ons > Integrations > Find Caldera Forms Signature Add-on > Enable > Activate

2. Create a stand alone document.

Hover over the eSignature menu > add new document > stand alone document.

To learn more about stand alone documents, check out this helpful article.

Stand Alone Document Option

3. Insert Caldera Forms user data into a contract.

This step is optional and will vary based on your desired outcome.

Our Caldera Forms add-on gives you the ability to integrate Caldera Forms user data (that was submitted in the form) into a document that will either be emailed to the user or displayed to the user after they submit the form.

How to insert Caldera Form field data into a contract:

To insert Caldera Forms Data into your document, you will need the Signer Input Fields add-on enabled (eSignature > add-ons).

  1. Open your document in editing mode. Select the Signer Input Field icon (pencil icon) at the top right of the toolbar.

    Signer Input Field Dropdown
  2. Using the dropdown menu, select the Caldera Form that you have already created and would like to connect to your contract.Choose the form field and the type of display you would like to insert into your new contract.

Dropdown to select form field dataA shortcode will be generated in your document with this information. Don’t worry though, the actual values will be displayed in its place once they sign your document!

The field will look something like this in your document:
[esigCaldera Formsid=”3″ field_id=”1″ ]

You can move the shortcode that gets automatically generated anywhere in your contract and it will display the user’s submitted data wherever you have the shortcode located.

4. Choose your document options and save settings.

After you have entered all of your desired document content and Caldera Forms fields and have connected your Caldera Form to your Stand Alone Document, you are ready to configure your document options.

Before you can publish your contract, you will need to assign your Stand Alone Document to the blank WordPress page you created earlier. You can do so by searching for and selecting the page from the “Display on this page” dropdown menu located under the “Document Options” section.

dropdown to select stand alone document page
5. Almost there... you're 50% complete!

Once you’ve published your Stand Alone Document you are 50% complete. Next, you’ll need to choose your ‘trigger’ and ‘action’ options for this document in the Caldera Forms workflow settings.

To do this, click Let's Go Now! in the pop-up that appears after you publish your stand alone document to define those last Caldera Forms settings.

Let's Go Now option to be directed to Caldera Form settings

6. Finish setting up the eSignature Caldera Forms workflow.

Almost done! Now you just need to define your Caldera Forms eSignature workflow settings.

If you clicked the Let's Go Now! button, you’re already on the correct page. If you didn’t, you can find your workflow settings by visiting Caldera Forms > finding your form > settings > processors > eSignature settings.

Caldera Forms eSignature settings

Complete these settings by selecting your form fields for name and email, choosing your signing logic, selecting your document and display type.

That’s it! Now you’ll just need to save your settings and put your Caldera Form on a page to test away!

Want to check out a live eSignature Caldera Forms demo? Check out ours here:

Try Our Free Caldera Forms + WPESignature Demo!

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