Document Template Add-On

E-Signature’s Document Templates add-on allows you to easily send out documents again and again by creating a re-usable document template.

Gone are the days of creating a new document every single time! Now you can recycle, edit and reuse content from pre-saved documents.

How to create a new document template from scratch↑ Back to Top

1. Visit E-Signature —> add-ons —> find Document Templates —> enable.

2. Hover over E-Signature —> add new document —> template.

3. Select +Create Template.

4. Define your number of signers.

5. The next screen will look like a regular document, so you can add a title and content as you would with a normal document.

6. Configure your document options. Remember that the options you choose here will be added to every document you create with this template, but these options will be editable until you click to send it out!

7. Lastly, you have the option to share the template with your other E-Signature users by WP Role or Username.

You can also take a break and finish the template later by selecting “Save as Draft”.

If you are ready to publish your template, click “Add Template”.

How to create a template from an existing document

To create a template from an existing document, open your document in editing mode. (Keep in mind, if you want to create a template from a basic document, you’ll need to do this before you send it out for signature.)

You can find the option to save your document as a template at the bottom of the page, in your document options.

Check the “Save as a template” option, give your template a name and share it with other E-Signature users if you desire. Then, when the document is published, a template of this content will automatically be saved. 🙂

How to use your template to create and send a document

Now that we have a template, let’s create a document from it! There are two ways to start this process:

Option 1. Visit E-Signature —> my documents —> templates folder. Then find your template —> hover over the template name —> click Add Document.

Option 2. Hover over the E-Signature menu —> click Add New Document —> templates —> use an existing template.

Using either of these methods, you’ll arrive on this page and be prompted to choose a document type.

99% of the time, templates will be used to create Basic Documents. This is because basic documents are sent as a one-time use document versus a stand alone document that can already be published and signed over and over.

Basic Document:

If you choose a basic document, the next screen will give you an option to type in the names and emails of the signers.

If you used signer input fields in your template content, these will transfer over to your document and be assigned to your signers. You can see the fields that are assigned to each signer under their name and email fields.

Lastly, type in the names and emails of your signers and select “insert template”.

On the next screen, you will see the contents of your document magically populated into your basic document’s body!

Before sending your document, you can edit/add to the contents and edit the document options. Then when it’s ready, send it out for signature!

Stand Alone Document:

If you choose to use your template with a stand alone document, you will see your document contents magically load as they did in the instructions above!

Since stand alone documents only have one dynamic signer, if you have signer input fields in your template they will ALL be assigned to the single signer.

Then you’ll have the option to edit/add to the document contents and edit the document options. As with all stand alone documents, you’ll need to choose a page to assign your document to from the dropdown and publish your document.