Document Template Add-On

Our Document Templates add-on lets you create handy reusable content so you no longer have to start from scratch with every document. 

To get started, visit E-Signature > Add-ons > locate Document Templates add-on > Enable. 

Create a template from scratch

To create a template from scratch, hover over E-Signature > Add New Document > select Template.

Then select Create Template > define your number of signers > select Next Step > add your document name and content.

Once completed, be sure to configure your document options. The options you choose here will be added to each document you create with this template, however, these options are still editable until you're ready to send it out for signature.

Lastly, you have the option to share the template with your other E-Signature users by WP Role or Username.

You can also take a break and finish the template later by selecting Save as Draft.

If you are ready to publish your template, click Add Template.

Create a template from an existing document

If you would like to save a template of a document you have already created, you can find the option to do so in the Document Options. 

Use a template to create a document

Hover over E-Signature > Add New Document > Templates > Use an Existing Template.

Then select your document type > choose the template you'd like to use > and select Next Step.

After you select Next Step, follow the remaining instructions based on your document type.

You will see the contents of your document populated into your document editor. If you used signer input fields in your template content, these will transfer over to your document and be assigned accordingly.

Before finalizing your document, you can edit or add to the content and configure the final document options. When it’s ready, you can send it out for signature or assign it to a WordPress page!

If you are unsure of what document type to use, check out this helpful article.

Share your template with other E-Signature users

To share a template with a specific WP user or user role, scroll to the bottom of your template and add the desired user or role in the sharing settings.