Adopting Your eSignature and eSign Contract

To adopt your signature and sign a document, click ‘ Sign here‘ and open the ‘Add Signature‘ window.

When adopting your signature you have two signature formatting options to choose from:

  • Drawn Signature
  • Typed Signature

Drawn Signature: If you’d like to draw your signature, click Draw signature and create your drawn signature by using a mouse, your finger or a stylus. If you make a mistake, click Clear to reset the block and give it another shot. 🙂

Typed Signature: Type your name into the text box and choose a font you like, using the Change Font button. When you’re ready, click Adopt and Sign to adopt and save your signature and return to the document.

When the signer clicks the button  Adopt and Sign to legally adopt and save their custom digital signature, the signer will be prompted with an option to “Agree” and officially “Sign” the document.

The signer is required to click on “Agree & Sign” button to save the document, if the signer does not click “Agree & Sign” the document will remain unsigned until they do so.

After “Agreeing” and “Signing” the document, it will redirect the signer to the document confirmation screen with a custom message… something like Excellent work! You have successfully signed this agreement.

In the background, WPESignature forwards one confirmation email to the Signer and another confirmation email to the document sender (if they requested to be notified whenever a signer signs their document).

When all the signers have completed signing their document, the Admin will receive an email confirming that all parties have completed the signing process and depending on their document options, that email can also have a PDF attached ( Attach PDF to Email Add-on Required), but the email confirmation will always include a link to the document with the option to download a PDF copy of the document (Save as PDF add-on required).

All signers will also have the option to download a PDF copy of the documents ( Save as PDF add-on required) or printing a copy of the document as well