WordPress User Registration After Signing Add-On

Our powerful WordPress User Registration After Signing add-on makes registering users as easy as 1-2-3! 

Your signers can be automatically registered as WP users on your site by simply adding their signature to your contract or legal agreement.

How to set up WP User Registration After Signing

1. Visit your WordPress backend > E-Signature > Add-ons > find WordPress User Registration add-on > Enable.

2. Open your desired document in editing mode > Document Options > select “Auto-register signer as a WordPress User” > choose your desired WP role.

After the document is signed, the signer is automatically registered as a WP user and an email is sent to the signer with their login credentials. 

You can also choose the URL that the new user is redirected to after signing by using our URL Redirect After Signing add-on.

Action Types

Using the "Create" option will register each signer as a new WordPress user on your site using the name and email they provide.

Using the "Update" option will change an existing WP user's role after signing. To change a WP user's role, they must sign the document using the same email address they have registered in their WP user profile.

You can also use the Role Action dropdown with the "Update" action to choose between changing the existing WP role of the signer (Replace Existing Role) or adding a second WP role to their profile (Add Additional Role). 

Additional Settings

You can visit E-Signature > Customization > While Label Option to view the additional WP Registration settings. 

You can allow other WP users to enable the WP Registration option, disable the force-log-in feature, and customize the Registration Welcome email.