URL Redirect After Signing add-on

WP E Signature’s URL Redirect After Signing add-on extension is an awesome tool which allows you to automatically redirect your signer to another URL after they successfully sign a document!

Your signer will still receive the signed document in their inbox and can view and print it later. Best of all, this fantastic add-on gives you the ability to redirect users to:

  • A Checkout Page
  • A Signup Page
  • Premium Content
  • Privileged Content
  • A page that hosts multiple documents

How to set up URL Redirect After Signing Add-on:

1. Log in to your WordPress backend and visit E-Signature > add-ons > find the URL Redirect After Signing add-on > enable.

2. Create a new document or open an existing document in editing mode. You will now see the URL Redirect option on the right of the document content.

3. Type or paste in the URL that you want to your signers to arrive at after they sign the document. Then select ‘add’ and you’ll see your URL save below the field.

4. Publish your document and the next time a signer successfully signs, they will be redirected to the URL you chose!