How to Create Temporary Login Credentials for Troubleshooting Help

Sometimes the ApproveMe team may ask for temporary login credentials to take a backend look at WP E-Signature, to help troubleshoot issues.

Here are some instructions on how to create a temporary user to share.

Instructions for creating an administrator account:

1. Log into WordPress > Users > Add New

2. Enter a username. We’d suggest using something unique like “esigadmin”.

3. Enter an email address. You can use [email protected] if you’d like.

4. Enter a password. You should make sure this is a strong password, even though it’s only a temporary account. Here’s a great tool to generate a secure password:

5. Confirm the password in the second password field and make a note of the password to send to us. You can check the ‘Send Password’ box to get the login details sent to your email address if you’d like.

6. Set the Role field to ‘Administrator’ > Add New User.

After this user is created, you should temporarily hand E-Signature super admin permissions over to it. This way, the user has access to view main E-Signature settings and all documents, which is important when troubleshooting.

Instructions for super admin handoff: 

To hand off super admin permissions, log in as the current super admin and visit E-Signature > settings > select the new desired username from the super admin drop down > save settings