How to Remove the Data Underlining in Your Gravity Forms Contract

You can set up some really awesome automated workflows using WPESignature! One of these workflows involves auto-populating an E-Signature document from a Gravity Forms submission.

You can find more on our E-Signature + Gravity Forms workflow here!

This article will show you how to set up your Gravity Form to populate data into a document, without underlining it.

How to turn off the ‘underlining’ feature

1. Navigate to Gravity Forms > find your form.

2. Hover over settings > WPESignature > hover over the workflow name > edit.

3. Under the “Signer Email” dropdown, you’ll see the options “Underline the GF data” or “DO NOT underline the GF data”.

4. Select “DO NOT underline the GF data” and save!

Here’s what it looks line underlined:

Here’s the same document with the underline disabled:

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