How do I exclude E-Signature pages from caching?

Using caching on WordPress sites is a great way to increase speed and overall site performance. 🚀 

However, using caching on WP E-Signature document pages is not recommended.

If you are using caching on your site, you should exclude all E-Signature-related pages from caching.

To do this, make a note of the URL of:

  • Each WP page on your site with a stand alone document assigned
  • The E-Signature default page (the name of this page is listed under E-Signature > Settings > E-Signature page)

Then take that list and exclude those WP pages from caching on your site. 

If you're using a caching plugin, there's usually a URL Exclusion setting and if you are using the server-side cache, you can simply share the URLs with your host.

Pro tip: If your signers are seeing a message that says "You are not allowed to sign this agreement", it is typically because of caching. Follow the steps above to exclude your pages from caching and flush your cache to resolve this issue.