WP E-Signature Custom Fields

What are custom fields in WP E-Signature?

You can easily collect initials, address information, radio boxes, WordPress Files, checkboxes, date fields, and more using our custom signer input fields. 

This lets you go hands-free and has our Custom Fields do the work! Simply select the fields that you want to add to your document, placing them right in the content, and they'll be ready for your signer to fill in before they sign. 

In less than 30 seconds, use our Custom Fields popup to add anything from drop-down menus to text input fields! With this many options, you'll have your form up and running in no time.

Add a file upload requirement to your agreement or contract. You can then require people signing the contract to upload a given file type before they are able to sign.

✅ Assign by Signer. Think you know what happens when a document has multiple signers? Think again. Easily re-assign custom fields to specific signers with our Signer Input Field popup. Simply select the field and assign it to a particular person when you create your next document and the field will be theirs and theirs alone.

✅ Encrypted in your database. We are all about security here, which is why we encrypt any custom fields or user-generated data with a random GUID encryption sequence before sending it to the WP E-Signature plugin.