WP E-Signature Default Page

When you first install WP E-Signature, the plugin automatically creates a blank WP page and sets it as the default page for eSignature. This is basically a set-it-and-forget-it page that helps WPESignature complete some functions on the backend. 

In editing mode, it looks like a WP page with only this shortcode as the content: [wp_e_signature]

On the frontend, it displays this message:

If you receive the notification "Oh snap! Your default page has been deleted", you can follow the manual instructions below to create and assign a new WPESignature default page.

How to manually create and assign the E-Signature default page

1. Add a new WP page by visiting WP backend > Pages > Add New.

2. Add the title E-Signature-Document > leave the content blank > publish.

3. Navigate to E-Signature > Settings > E-Signature page

4. Select the page you just created in the E-Signature Page dropdown > save.

If you are seeing the default page message appear on any other pages of your site, edit your page and check to make sure you don't have a stray default page shortcode on it.

Have more questions about the E-Signature default page? Open a conversation with a Support Hero here!