WPESignature Default Page

When you first install WPESignature, the plugin automatically creates a blank WP page and sets it as the default page for eSignature. This is basically a set-it-and-forget-it page that helps WPESignature complete some functions on the backend. 

In editing mode, it looks like a WP page with only this shortcode as the content: [wp_e_signature]

On the frontend, it displays this message:

Don't worry though, your signers will never see this message unless an error has occurred. 👍

If you happen to receive the notification  "Oh snap! Your default page has been deleted", you can select the link Create New Page or follow the manual instructions below.

How to manually create and assign the eSignature default page

1. Add a new WP page by visiting WP backend > pages > add new.

2. Add the title E-Signature-Document > place only this shortcode in the body [wp_e_signature] > and publish.

3. Navigate to eSignature > settings > eSignature page

4. Select the page you just created in the eSignature Page dropdown and save.

After you do this, do a quick review of your other WP pages to make sure you only have one page with the [wp_e_signature] shortcode on it, as having more than one default page can cause the plugin to function incorrectly.

If you are seeing the default page message appear on any other pages of your site, edit your page and check to make sure you don't have a stray default page shortcode on it.

Have more questions about the eSignature default page? Open a conversation with a Support Hero here!