How to collect Multiple Signers on a Stand Alone Document

There are a few options to collect multiple signatures on a stand alone document.

  • Option 1: Use an Approval Signer. With our Approval Signer setting enabled, once a signer signs/submits a Stand Alone Document, the document will be sent to your Approval Signer to sign and finalize or 'close' the document. Then all signer parties could be sent a PDF of the signed document. (Example: A team that has designers make proposals and a manager sign off on them might use this option.)
  • Option 2: Use the Auto Add my signature add-on. With this add-on the signature of the document creator is automatically attached to each document before it is sent for signature. (Example: A business with a busy manager that has to endorse each document might use this option to automate the process.)

If you have two signers that are different with every copy signed, you'll need to use our basic document option instead. This allows you to add as many signers as you'd like before you send the document out for signature.