How to Complete a Basic Troubleshooting Test

Often when an issue arises with an unknown cause, it is due to a conflict with other third-party plugins or themes. Completing a basic troubleshooting test is a great first step in finding the cause of an error on your site. 

To begin, complete the following steps.

Perform Backup

Taking a backup of your site is an excellent best practice before beginning.

Plugin Troubleshooting

  1. Deactivate all plugins other than WP E-Signature and WP E-Signature add-ons to see if the issue goes away (with all other plugins deactivated, test the issue to see if it is resolved).
  2. If the issue has been resolved, add each plugin back one at a time, test for the issue, and see if it returns. If the issue returns, the last plugin you activated is likely causing the error. 

If a plugin troubleshooting yields no results, you can also complete a theme troubleshoot test.

Theme Troubleshooting

Take a backup of your site and simply activate one of the default WordPress themes. Once you do so, test to see if the issue has been resolved.