How to Add Signer Input Fields

ApproveMe’s Signer Input Fields add-on allows you to easily collect initials, address information, radio boxes, checkboxes, dates, or just about anything else you can think of directly on your document before the signature is added.

To begin using signer input fields, open your document in editing mode and look for the pencil icon in the document editing toolbar. 

Basic Document

If you are using signer input fields in a basic document, you will have to assign each field to a specific signer. These fields can be optional or required.

You can edit the field’s options to add a placeholder (think of it as the “prompt” for your user to fill in the input field), choose if you’d like to require the signer to fill in the field (or they can’t sign the document), and choose a border option.

Lastly, you can click the advanced settings and define the width of the field. 

Each field may also have some field-specific advanced settings, like the textbox field's setting which allows you to restrict the type of input added to the field.

When your signers receive the document, they will be able to fill in the fields they have been assigned. They can also hover over the other fields to see who they are assigned to. 

Stand Alone Document

Since a stand alone document doesn’t have a pre-defined signer, the signer input fields that are added to a stand alone don’t require any specific signer assignment and the fields simply apply to the dynamic signer that arrives at the document.

Stand Alone Document + Third-Party Integration

Another great aspect of using signer input fields in a stand alone document is being able to add specific data from one of our current third-party integrations. 

If you want to link your stand alone document to a plugin we integrate with, you can use the pencil icon to add shortcodes that later populate the data the signer submits.

There are more steps to configure with a third-party integration workflow, so if you’re looking to set this up, you can choose your desired integration step-by-step guide here.