How to Submit Your eSignature System Status Report for Troubleshooting

The WP Signature System Status report is a crucial tool that is used to troubleshoot and locate issues within your site and plugin installation.

It has a wide array of information that lets us know instantly what version of the software you are running, your server settings and WordPress configuration from the click of a button! 🙂

Sharing the System Status report is the best way that the ApproveMe Support Team can help you resolve your issues. When opening a support ticket, be sure to add your system report to help our team quickly hop on the same page as you and get a solution cooking!

1. Locate Your system status report.

WordPress Document Signing System Status Report

Login to your WordPress Dashboard > navigate to the left sidebar > hover over the E-Signature tab > select System Status.

2. Generate and copy your system report.

Once the System Status page has loaded, navigate to the top left of the screen > select ‘Copy to Clipboard’.

3. Paste your system report.

Paste your system report in the proper section when opening a ticket and you’ll be on your way to a quick, friendly response!