Unlimited Sender Roles add-on

WP E-Signature's Unlimited Sender Roles add-on allows you to register as many WP Users as you'd like as document senders on your site!

Follow these instructions to give other WP Users document sending privileges.

1. Navigate to E-Signature > Add-ons > find Unlimited Sender Roles > Enable.

2. Then visit E-Signature > Roles.

3. Add the WordPress users on your site that you want to have access to view and send documents on your using WP E-Signature. You can either:

  • Give permission to an entire WordPress role class (all administrators, editors, etc.)
  • Give sending privileges to a specific individual(s) by their username

4. Save your settings and let your team know it’s time to start sending electronic document signing requests on your WordPress website.

If you can't find the E-Signature role settings, make sure you are logged in as the E-Signature super admin (the only user that can see them).