WordPress Electronic Signature - Unlimited Sender Roles add-on

The WordPress Electronic Signature Unlimited Sender Roles Add-on extension is undeniably the most powerful (and most coveted) feature in the document signing world!

This outstanding WordPress Electronic Signature add-on extension gives you the ability to have unlimited document senders. That means you can literally assign document sending privileges to however many people you want and segment sending privileges to a specific WordPress Role.

Most document signing companies charge $10, $15, even $50 per month… PER USER! You get unlimited users (and no monthly fees) with this powerful add-on.

How to set up Unlimited Sender Roles/Users 

1. First, navigate to E-Signature > add-ons > find Unlimited Sender Roles > enable.

2. After you enable this add-on, navigate to E-Signature > Settings > Roles tab.

3. Add the WordPress users on your site that you want to have access to view and send documents on your E-Signature plugin! You can either:

  • Give permission to an entire WordPress role class (all administrators, editors, etc.)
  • Give sending privileges to a specific individual(s) by their username

Please note: the ability to add or remove document senders is only made available to the Super Admin. For more information about super admin permissions, visit the Super Admin article.

4. Save your settings and let your team know it’s time to start sending electronic document signing requests on your WordPress website!