WordPress Signing Reminders Add-On

The WordPress Esign Signing Reminders add-on is one of those “set it and forget it” automation-robot kind of extensions. 🙂

This fantastic E-Signature add-on gives you the ability to set up an automatic signing reminder. E-Signature will keep sending signing reminders to your signer until one of the following happens:

  1. Your signer signs your document
  2. You cancel the signing reminders
  3. The signing reminder interval that you set expires

How to set up Signing Reminders ↑ Back to Top

1. Navigate to your WordPress backend —> E-Signature —> add-ons —> find Signing Reminders —> enable.

2. Visit your document in editing mode —> scroll down to the document options —> select “Enable Signing Reminders”. Finish configuring this setting by typing in the numbers that reflect your desired signing reminders intervals and save.

And there you go! Once you invite a signer to sign this document, they will receive signing reminders in the intervals you have defined until they sign.