WP Digital eSignature - Active Campaign Email Automation Add-On

WPESignature’s Active Campaign Email Automation Add-on is the holy grail of email automations and strategic user specific email campaigns.

With the WPESignature Active Campaign Email Automation add-on, you can easily assign a tag or auto-subscribe a signer to one (or multiple) Active Campaign email marketing lists! 🙂

Do you require a signature for your request for proposal? If so… create some sweet content rich emails in Active Campaign and automatically subscribe your signers to this email list! Also give them a tag like “Signed NDA Document” in their customer profile.

Set up any number of email messages to be sent either immediately, after a new user subscribes to your mailing list or after any period of time has passed. This enables you to create entire sequences of email messages that run completely on autopilot.

How to Configure Active Campaign eSignature Add-On

WP Digital E-Signature Active Campaign Email Automation Signup 

Once you’ve installed the Active Campaign add-on, you’ll need to grab your API details. You can get this information from Active Campaign.

Next, log-in to your account at Active Campaign and navigate to the My Settings tab.

WP Digital E-Signature Active Campaign Email Automation My Settings

Now select the tab that says “API”. This tab will give your your API URL and API Key.

WP Digital E-Signature Active Campaign Email Automation My API Settings

Please note: A valid API key and API URL is required for WPESignature Active Campaign to function properly.

Once you have a valid API key and API URL, navigate to the eSignature settings page found in your WordPress dashboard and select Customization.

Scroll down and enter your Active Campaign API URL and API key and click “Save Settings.”

Once your settings have been successfully saved, your Active Campaign email list will be displayed in the right column sidebar of any document you add in WPESignature.

WP Digital E-Signature Active Campaign Email Automation My Side Settings

Congratulations! Now that you have setup Active Campaign, you can auto-add signers to email lists or give them custom tags that can be used in some serious email automation sequences. Enjoy the keys to the digital world! 🙂