Upload Logo & Branding Add-On

Using the Upload Logo & Branding add-on, you can place your mark on E-Signature emails and documents by adding your company logo, tagline, footer text, cover page, and more.

Follow these steps to add your branding to E-Signature documents and emails. 

1. Visit E-Signature > Add-ons > find Upload Logo and Branding add-on > Enable.

Upload Logo and Branding add-on

2. Next visit E-Signature > Settings > Customization tab > White Label Option to being customizing your branding options. 

Custom Branding Options

Header image: Upload the logo you want to be displayed on the E-Signature email template and document signing page. This logo can be added by using the Upload Your Logo button or by entering the URL of an image or logo.

Upload custom branding to email invite settings

Example logo displayed in email

To display this logo on the document signing page, check the box Display header image on the document signing page.

Logo displayed on document signing page

Logo tagline: The tagline you enter here will appear beneath your logo in your E-Signature emails.

Logo tagline example

Email footer text headline: This text will appear above the footer text in your E-Signature emails.

Email footer text: This text will appear in the footer of your E-Signature emails.

Email footer text example

Email sender: This option determines what information is displayed in the ‘from’ field of your E-Signature emails.

Button color: This option determines the color of the action button in your E-Signature emails.

Email sender and button color settings

Success paragraph text: This text will appear at the very top of the document after the signer signs.

Success image: This image will appear with the Success Paragraph Text at the very top of the document after the signer signs the document. If you don’t choose your own image, you will see a green checkmark appear as the success image. 

Success image and paragraph text example

Cover page: Selecting this option will display a cover page for all saved PDFs. In order to add your logo to your saved PDFs, you will need to enable this cover page option. 

Cover page example

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