How to Perform Manual Updates

In certain scenarios, you may need to manually update WPESignature or WPESignature Business add-ons. Follow the instructions below to complete these manual updates.

1. Take a backup of your site

2. Download plugin files

A. Visit your profile page ( and log in. This login information is the email and password you used to purchase your E-Signature license.

B. Download the zip files for WPESignature and or WPESignature Business add-ons.

3. Delete your old versions of the plugins (without losing documents)

A. Log in to your WP backend.

B. If you are deleting the WPESignature (core) plugin, navigate to eSignature > settings > customization> scroll to the bottom of the page > make sure the DANGER ZONE option is NOT CHECKED.

If you delete the plugin with this option checked, you will permanently lose all documents and settings. Once you verify that this option IS NOT CHECKED, move to the next step.

C. After ensuring the DANGER ZONE setting is NOT CHECKED, visit your plugins tab > find WPESignature and/or WPESignature Business add-ons > deactivate > delete.

4. Install and activate your new plugin files

A. Click on the plugins tab > add new > upload > choose file > select the zip file for WPESignature you downloaded earlier > install > activate.

B. After that, you’re walked through a set-up tutorial where you save your settings.

C. Repeat steps 1-4 for Business add-ons if applicable.

Additional Notes

  • You can identify the current version numbers for WPESignature and WPESignature Business add-ons, and download them at any time by logging into your profile at

  • If you are currently running older versions of the plugin or add-ons, be sure to deactivate and delete those before installing the updated versions. (If you don’t you’ll likely get a message that says “the destination folder already exists”.)

  • Saving your settings is THE default functionality of the plugin. To be safe, make sure that you have not placed a checkmark in the DANGER ZONE checkbox of the eSignature customization tab. It is also a good practice to back up your entire site for extra peace of mind.

  • If you install eSignature Business add-ons, you can activate all add-ons in one click by visiting the eSignature > add-ons > activate.