Problems related to SSL by proxy Network Solutions

*This support documentation and solution for SSL by proxy Network Solutions was inspired by WooThemes

Hosts Providers (such as Network Solutions) sometimes insist on handling SSL by proxy. In doing so this causes major problems with WordPress and WPESignature because this method prevents PHP and WordPress’ is_ssl() function from being able to detect the page that is being served over HTTPS. This causes a redirect loop which does not resolve.

Network Solutions says:

“Network Solutions® uses a proxy SSL this does not allow the use of server-side variables to detect HTTPS (secure). All server-side coding will always detect HTTP (non-secure), and for programs that attempt to redirect non-secure connections (http://) to a secure connection (https://) will result in an infinite loop and server error after 30 seconds.”

Network Solutions has known about this SSL by Proxy WordPress conflict since 2007 so at this rate it doesn’t look like they will be changing their SSL policy anytime in the near future.

Unfortunately there is no workaround for this using PHP ( The only workaround is the following:

1. Turn off the Force SSL settings within WPESignature
2. Use Javascript to redirect to SSL

Network solutions own solution is Javascript:

<script language="javascript">
if (document.location.protocol != "https:")
document.location.href = "" + document.location.pathname;

Please note we ApproveMe will not be able to support this non-standard setup.