WP E-Signature Assign Signer Order Add-on

Esignature’s assign signer order add-on is a powerful add-on that makes it possible to assign a specific signature sequence to your online contract.

This feature allows you to delay the invitation to a document until another signing party first adds their signature to the document.

This add-on is perfect for documents that require approval from an authorized party after another signer has added their signature to their contract!

How to set up the Signing Order

1. Visit E-Signature > add-ons > and make sure you have the Assign Signer Order add-on enabled.

eSignature Assign Signer Order Add-on

2. Then, create a basic document (which is very different from a Stand Alone Document… read about the differences here).

WP e-Signature Assign Signer Order Add-on

3. Once you have selected the basic document, you will see the option + Add Signer. By default, the Assign Signer Order add-on will not be displayed until there are at least two signers assigned to the document, so you’ll need to add another signer to see this option.

WPESign eSignature Assign Signer Order

4. After you have two or more signers on your document, you will see the “Assign Signer Order” option magically appear on the left-side of the signer details box. Select this checkbox if you would like to assign a signing sequence.

How to Assign Signer Order in WP E-Signature

5. Now that you have your signers defined and the signing order checked, you have a chance to rearrange the order of signers, using the arrows on the left-hand side. Once you have your signers in the order that you desire, you can move onto the next step and complete your document.

And that is how easy it is to assign the sequence of signers to collect their court recognized online signature using WP E-Signature!