Audit Trail: Unique Document ID

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Unique Document ID Explained
Each document, contract or agreement that is created using WP E-Signature receives a unique document Identifier (or ID). Similar to human DNA, each WP E-Signature generated document has its own unique DNA string. The document identifier is the text and numeric string that identifies the unique (one of a kind) document DNA.

Tamper Resistance Document ID
If the document is ever tampered with or altered in any way (this means unencrypting the database and changing something as small as a period to a comma within a WP E-Signature agreement) the Document ID will change immediately. Altering any aspect of a live agreement will literally cause the agreement to “self-destruct” until all original contents are exactly as they were at the time of signing.

This added security protects you and your signers and ensures that the terms of a document at the time of signing remain the same for the life cycle of the agreement period.

This tamper resistance feature is made possible with the document DNA and Document ID string.

It is also important to note that the Document ID is never stored in your database, but rather generated on demand each time a document loads so that it cannot be altered and used for future agreements.