Exporting PDFs with Different Languages

We love speed and performance!

Because of this, we are currently saving PDF agreements only in the English/European languages/alphabets.

However, we’ve come to realize that WP E-Signature is used all over the world, so there needs to be support for all languages and alphabets in our PDF export module. If we include all language fonts in our zip file, it would increase the file size almost to 90MB…which is very big! (And would likely cause problems for other customers.)

This is why we decided to reduce our main plugin size by supporting only two language packs. (Yay for speed and performance!) Don’t worry though, we have created a workaround for our customers so you can set up a custom directory in your FTP and support your unique language/alphabet.

To achieve this, you will need to log into your FTP server and create a new folder in the “wp-content” folder called “esign_customization”…

Step 1. After you create this new folder, the folder location should be: wp-content/esign_customization

Step 2. Download and install this plugin file!

Step 3. Upload the MPDF folder that you just downloaded (be sure to unzip it first) to the wp-content/esign_customization folder.

After you upload the MPDF folder, the folder location should be: wp-content/esign_customization/mpdf

By placing this new MPDF folder in the customization folder, our current MPDF folder (which only supports the English/European language) will be ignored and when exporting PDFs, our core plugin will load the MPDF from the customization directory.

Step 4. Test your language by creating a document in your native language, signing it, and exporting it as a PDF.

By uploading the MPDF folder to the esign_customization folder, all languages will be supported by our save as PDF, attach PDF to email, and Dropbox Sync PDF features.