Why does the signing page look different than my theme?

We totally understand the desire to control more of the document signing page on your website. At this time, WPESignature controls the HTML output of the document page, rather than the user's WordPress theme.

We need full control over the form because of functionalities like signer identification and the security protocols that are required in order for our software to maintain compliance with the UETA/ESIGN electronic signature laws and regulations. 

As far as the markup goes, itโ€™s completely controlled by WPESignature. In order to be able to do some of the things we do (and to offer the same protection to our signers that they would receive from a more expensive non-hosted document signing application), we simply need that kind of control over the markup.

Our customers have found that a little less customization in exchange for a huge amount of security is worth the trade. 
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