Why is there ApproveMe branding when I have Upload Logo & Branding Installed?

Our goal is to maintain a UETA/ESIGN/GDPR compliant platform that is recognized and trusted in the courtroom (much like Docusign, Hellosign, etc).

This means there needs to be a minimal amount of indication to a signer (and a judge) that a document was signed on our compliant platform so they can trace the security methods associated with a particular electronic signature and transmission process; yet there needs to be enough customization that your brand/company is more front and center than the platform branding itself. 

We have created WPESignature in such a way that we can remain legally binding and secure, while still making your brand the highlight. 😊 

To check out all the ways your brand can be the center of the document singing experience, you can check out this helpful article.