How do WP E-Signature links and URLs work?

Identifying WP E-signature links:
Here is a quick primer on how to identify what your signers should see as compared to what you (the admin/document sender) would see.

For a Basic documents:
Signer should see – The url should contain “…e-signature-document/?invite=123456” and the signer would see this after clicking the button inside of the email they receive from you. Each signer receives their own unique URL (think of it like a password that is only emailed to one person). When the document activity notifications add-on is installed you can track whether or not your signers have viewed your document, when they’ve viewed your document and from what ip address the document was viewed.

Note: This link is inside of the email that the signer would receive so If you want to see the link yourself for testing purposes you can create a basic document and send it to yourself by supplying your email as a signer.

Admins should see – When the admin  sees “/?esigpreview=” inside of the url, this was generated by clicking on the document title or the word “view” inside of the WordPress admin –> WP E=Signature –> My Documents –> Awaiting Signatures. Its purpose is for you to preview. See attachment “Basic Document”

For a Stand Alone document:
Signer should see – The url looks like a standard WordPress url and can be obtained from WordPress admin –> WP E=Signature –> My Documents –> Stand Alone. By clicking “Share/Invite” link beneath the document. See attachment “Stand Alone Document”

You can password protect your Stand Alone Document by using the native WordPress password protect feature.

Note: If you click the “View” button on this page, you will get a url that contains “/?esigpreview=”.

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Learn more about the legality of the WordPress document signing process: UETA & ESIGN Act