Install and Activate E-Signature Plugins and add-ons

How to Install WPESignature 

  1. Download the plugin zip files by logging into your profile page here!
  2. Log in to your WordPress backend and select the plugins tab on the left menubar.
  3. Select add new > upload plugin > choose file
  4. Select one of the zip files you downloaded in step 1 > click install now > activate.

After the plugin is activated, you should be good to go! Repeat the steps as needed for additional plugins.

How to View and Activate your E-Signature License

  1. Log in to your ApproveMe profile page here!
  2. Hover over My Downloads > select billing > view licenses > select the image of the key.
  3. Select the license key that appears and copy it.
  4. Log in to your WordPress backend > E-Signature > settings > license tab.
  5. Paste in your license key > activate license key!

You can view our licensing and extension terms here!

You must have an active E-Signature license to download available E-Signature updates and access our amazing web-support! 🙂

How to Deactivate Your License Key

If you need to deactivate your license key, you can simply visit E-Signature > settings > licenses > and select deactivate license.

How to Enable Your Desired add-ons

Once your license has been activated, you can enable or disable your desired add-on features from the E-Signature -> add-ons tab.

Choose which add-ons you’d like to use for your E-Signature workflow and enable them from here!